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The question should be whether or not carbon-14 can be used to date any artifacts at all? There are a few categories of artifacts that can be dated using carbon-14; however, they cannot be more 50,000 years old.

Java scripts for updating web pages

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Typically a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) script is issued to be registered with the browser.

Create Text File(Temp ISS & "\" & CLSID & ".iss") 'Create Response file for any Java Version iss.writeline "[Install Shield Silent]" iss.writeline "Version=v6.00.000" iss.writeline "File=Response File" iss.writeline "[File Transfer]" iss.writeline "Overwritten Read Only=No To All" iss.writeline "[" & CLSID & "-Dlg Order]" iss.writeline "Dlg0=" & CLSID & "-Sprintf Box-0" iss.writeline "Count=2" iss.writeline "Dlg1=" & CLSID & "-File Transfer" iss.writeline "[" & CLSID & "-Sprintf Box-0]" iss.writeline "Result=1" iss.writeline "[Application]" iss.writeline "Name=Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.0_01" iss.writeline "Version=1.4.0_01" iss.writeline "Company=Java Soft" iss.writeline "Lang=0009" iss.writeline "[" & CLSID & "-File Transfer]" iss.writeline "Shared File=Yes To All" If search4 0 Then ss = Left(Uninstall String,search4 9) setupuninstal = ss & Un String & Chr(34) & Temp ISS & "\" & CLSID & ".iss" & Chr(34) ts.writeline setupuninstal Return = Wsh Shell. Delete Folder(Temp Dir)I can see you posted this a year ago, but I've only just found it. Muadip - I've tested your script and it worked on Win7x86 but it didn't work on Win7x64 because the Registry settings are different (Wow6432Node). I have a install base with all manner of ancient JREs. Dan [1] As of 03/18/09 it is version 6.0.120 [sigh...] Whilst not wishing to belittle anybody's efforts, the script - while undoubtedly pretty and effective - is, like so many I see, almost completely without error-trapping. Reg Read("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\" & CLSID & "\Publisher") str Uninstall String = wsh Shell. I only shelled out in this sub to retain the same format used by muaddip in his original effort.

Some Random Number concepts: “Random numbers” means numbers which are random in practice (i.e. As simple this term looks when you hear it for the first time, it is more difficult to reproduce.

It is a bit different when we talk about single random numbers or random numbers in sequence.

Burried in the logic of the script is usually the explicit listing of a proxy server which can be entered under the Mozilla manual configuration.

If you are at a corporation using a firewall and have direct access, I'm jealous and you have no need for proxy configuration.