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Dear brother in Islam, you have raised a very important question, which reflects a common trend nowadays among our youth and others, when the majority don't even bother to learn the restrictions that are dictated by religion to preserve morality in society.

Thanks to the sophisticated means of modern communication, everyone finds himself tempted to try everything new in technology.

and like I said its not like the girl will go all like "OMG STRANGERS TALKING TO ME CALL THE COPS FAST!!!!

as a matter of fact I have seen a lot of people who clearly put "if you add me, talk to me or i'll just defriend you".

Sure I can understand if a person does not want to get requests from strangers and that he/she rejects them.

but if the person does accept the stranger then why would he have a problem if the other person talks?

Hey Duders agus Duderiniettes I just had a bizarre experience in a game of League of Legends which I shall describe below. I found this pretty funny, and started trying to carry a conversation with them.

My question to you is what are the strangest interactions you have had with people online? I do not mean general or vicious abuse, I am mainly looking for weird and wonderful experiences with strangers on the internet. This person responded with the usual nonsense, and I started replying to what I assumed they were saying. That community loves to find things to get angry about.